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How engaging with creative outlets can boost your mood

How engaging with creative outlets can boost your mood

There are many reasons as to why your mood may be lowered these days, but there will be several solutions that you can look into, with the aim being to help improve your mood and help your mental health. The main cause of a lower mood is poor mental health, and this article will explain to you how creative outlets can help.

Sep 23, 2021

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Drawing and PaintingColouring in generalDancing and ExerciseMusic and WritingJournalingCrafting

There are many reasons as to why your mood may be lowered these days, but there will be several solutions that you can look into, with the aim being to help improve your mood and help your mental health. The main cause of a lower mood is poor mental health, and this article will explain to you how creative outlets can help.

Drawing and Painting

Art can be one of the most calming experiences that you can take part in, with you able to get thoughts and feelings out of your head, and put them onto the canvas. It’s the reason that many therapists suggest to their patients to engage with art, as it has been proven to help people through mental health issues such as trauma, as well as release natural mood-boosting chemicals.

Colouring in general

Whilst drawing and painting has benefits, it may be too much for you to handle. That’s why it may be a good idea for you to start with colouring instead. Colouring comes with many benefits, as the simplicity of this art can help reduce your stress levels and anxiety. It could even help you in your battle with depression. You may also find that your sleep levels are improved, as well as other health benefits to your body and mind.

Dancing and Exercise

One more fun creative outlet that you could look into comes in the form of expressing yourself through dance. Whilst exercising is good for you physically and mentally, it can be boring for many people trying to get into it. But dancing can offer the same benefits with a more fun twist, that moves your body along with your favourite music, which also comes with several benefits.

Music and Writing

There has most likely been a time at some point in your life, even today, where you put on some music to help boost your mood. There are many reasons as to why music can make us feel better, from invoking feelings and natural serotonin to making us nostalgic of our childhood or simpler times in general. If you’re feeling low, consider implementing some regular music of your favourite tunes to play. You could play it through a subscription app, or even CDs or records that you may own.

However, you can take all of this a step further. You could look into actually creating your music and writing lyrics. This can be a therapeutic experience, which allows you to even pour out your heart of what’s bringing you down. If you’re not sure how to create music, then it could be time for you to look into learning more about it. Even learning how to craft music, and understanding the creative process could assist your mental health.

That’s why it will be a good idea for you to look into music studios and writing rooms, which give you free rein over what you want to do creatively. There are Pirate’s writing studios across the globe in several different countries, which allows you to gain access from a variety of places. This will give you access to professional equipment, which allows you to capture creativity the moment it sparks into life.


Journaling is much like writing a diary, except it has more personality within it. Whilst a journal may still have daily entries like a diary, it will be more creative, with drawings and colour throughout. It has many benefits attached to it, with it being proven to help boost moods and mental health in general.

People can use journals for whatever they like, hence what makes it creative. You could use it as a film journal, which you could use to write down your favourite movies, draw images about them and even review them.

It could be more personal, where you write down your goals and how you will achieve them, writing down each day what you’ve done to help make it happen. The truth is, journaling will work differently for people, and no two journals in the world will be the same, so have a mess around with one to find what works for you.


In a similar vein to fashion, crafting is a creative process that allows you to build whatever you like to help boost your mental health. Crafting could refer to building unique furniture out of bespoke wood, or it could be you taking up knitting to create your jumper for the winter.

Crafting doesn’t even have to lead to creating anything practical for you to use. It could just be you creating something for the sake of creating something. In this practice, it’s more the act of creating something than actually creating something. The fun part here is that you can just mess around with whatever you like to create something, which can be a therapeutic process.

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