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How To Look For A Good Piano School

Being a full-fledged musician isn’t possible if you don’t know how to play the most important instrument in the field: the piano.

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  1. Determine Your Level of Expertise
  2. Ask For Suggestions
  3. Check For Credentials

Being a full-fledged musician isn’t possible if you don’t know how to play the most important instrument in the field: the piano. Whether you are new to the instrument or someone who needs a gateway to learning music, learning the piano seems like the easiest thing to do. In reality, there's a lot of theoryto absorb before you become an expert.

It’s a good first step if you learn initially through YouTube videos and free online resources, but if you want to get serious about honing your skills, you will have to opt for a piano school that will guide you through each step of the way.

There could be hundreds of piano schools near where you live, so you must choose one that offers a faster and most engaging way to learn. The guide below can help you in your journey toward music mastery.

Determine Your Level of Expertise

Before anything else, you must know your level of experience when it comes to playing the piano and, in general, making music. If you haven't played any musical instrument before, opt for a novice course that teaches the fundamentals of music. In case you already have some level of familiarity with the piano, then anintermediate coursemight fill in the gaps in your learning. By measuring your current skills (or lack thereof), it will be easier for you to narrow down your list of piano schools that suit your level.

Ask For Suggestions

A quality learning experience should be at the top of your list when picking a piano school. To be sure, it helps if you could ask around for recommendations. That way, you will know if a piano school is right for you without signing up for a class or a free lesson. If you know musicians in your circle of friends, ask them if they know any music centers around. Chances are they will come up with a short list of piano schools that are known to provide quality music education for both novices and advanced players.

Check For Credentials

Even if you have a list of recommendations, you still need to narrow this down to a few piano schools that have built a name for themselves outside your hometown. If you live in Boston, centers like South Shore Piano Schoolare known for their positive track record in helping kids and adults become masters of the instrument. When selecting the right school, check if it has won any awards in the past and look up its roster of instructors. If it consists of piano teacherswho played in orchestras or took part in composing film scores, then you know you're dealing with a serious school.

A piano school provides the perfect opportunity to be coached and taught by experienced teachers. By choosing one that fits your musical needs, you can become a master in no time without having to pay much.

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