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Best Ways to Play a Piano Shared with Friends


A piano is a prevalent and melodic musical instrument. The soothing sound of a piano is one of the most favourites of many people, and it is very enriching and thus very beneficial to our ears. It helps us in combating depression, anxiety, and other medical issues. Other instruments are also known to be soothing but the piano has some kind of holden earthly classic charm that is very appropriate for our ears. We often think that these kinds of musical instruments are expensive and thus drop the idea of being bought from the store but here we can explore these amazing ideas that will help us to have an entertaining evening only with little or no cost at all.

Another point of understanding is if you are looking for something beautiful and harmonious together as a musical instrument, then pianos are of great choice. We can buy it whenever we want to buy it, and if you check online, it costs very much affordable. Most offline ones do not have batteries and can be run with the help of adaptors only. Online apps are the ones that are free and help to play along with our known ones.

Let us discuss them in details:

Benefits Of Listening And Learning Piano

  • Soothes and calms the mind- Pianos help to soothe the mind, soul and body. It calms our body for the best and helps us to combat depression, illness and mood swing.
  • Relaxing the organs of the body and hence helps to sleep better- It helps us relax our body and helps us to sleep better and we know sleep is needed for our overall body energy and helps us feel better.
  • It helps regulate the motor movement of children- If the child learns to type and write from the very childhood, it helps in the motor movement and thus assures the child’s growth in the most better way.
  • This also helps in music therapy - Piano also helps in treating some patients with music therapy. The goal here is the very same as having a rejuvenating mind and soul.
  • Perfect Piano-This is a perfect piano that is rated as 4.4 in Google Play Store. This app can be downloaded for free of cost and through the network, making it workable under the best circumstances.

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How To Play A Piano Shared With Friends Online?

Now let us discuss the different apps with which we can enjoy multiplayer playing with friends and family and dear ones. It has about 88 keys and can be downloaded for Android, which is one of the best apps.

It is best used to create amusement among family members and relatives and try something new apart from normal games and talking.

Piano Music Go

Piano Music Go
Piano Music Go

This is another application that is best suited for Android, and it creates excitement while playing, and sharing the joy with our family and friends enhances the experience even better.

It has a rating of 4.4 in Google Play Store, and thus, it is truly very famous.

This is another application that is regarded as one of the best where we can make music on the go.

Dream Piano

Dream Piano
Dream Piano

Dream piano is another application that we can install in our Android devices or tablets. It is fascinating here, the graphics part is also exciting and that is an essential part of the application.

One demerit is that there is sometimes background sound that might not be soothing to the ears. The background sounds are of seas, animals, and other natural things, but sometimes the sounds may mess up. Many Amazon users have said this.

My Piano

My Piano
My Piano

My piano is one of the famous applications that helps to learn the piano and also play it in the process. This application can also be downloaded on android devices and enjoyed along with friends and known ones. This app is very much engaging and helps us to be happy and cheerful at the end. My piano is not as famous as others, but it is working on its betterment. It is adding several other keys and music of our choice. It is a 4.1 rating in the play store.

Pianist HD: Piano+

Pianist HD
Pianist HD

Anyone interested in learning the authentic style of the piano as a musical instrument is the best option. According to the google play store, this application is available in the Google Play Store and is rated 4.4. One disadvantage is it plays only the popular songs and cuts the notes and makes the song shorter which might not be liked by a few of our dear customers.

Real Piano- Play And Learn

Real Piano
Real Piano

This app is a ‘play and learn’ piano. This is another application that helps the ones interested to learn music and be better in the process. In this application, one can record and save whatever is to be saved and learn in the process better and understand effectively. This application is available for android users only. There is one disadvantage of this piano with echoes, and triple piano keys, which is very terrible for the ears and some customers feel it to be a problem.

Thus these are the different online methods through which one can learn piano playing and understand various ways to spread joy, amuse one another and be happy in the process. There are also many other companies, but these are among a selected few.

Let us discuss the different google application that is very much technologically advanced and very effective and helps you to learn much more in the process. Google shared piano is an addition to the list where playing the piano with the help of keys and attending live music concerts makes it interesting.

Advantages Of Google Shared Piano

  • It can be made interesting through collaborating with your friends.
  • The most interesting thing is that together ten people can join and create wholesome content and make it very interesting and best.
  • The joiners do not need to install the application wholly, but rather it can be shared, through sharing links and then can be made interesting by joining in.
  • There is a feature of being everything live on the web, and thus, it is open for any kind of criticism or anything such.

These are the different online methods that are interesting and can be offline methods or applications that can be used or utilized offline. It's just that we have to download from the play store and play whenever we want to. The google shared piano is a new invention of Google. It has helped to reach another level, especially during the lockdown period.

Let us now discuss them one by one, listing them below and understanding them.

Beatrix Free Piano Download

Beatrix Free Piano
Beatrix Free Piano

This is a free application that can be bought offline and can be used to play. It can be downloaded from Amazon and enjoyed it. These applications are designed so that they can be played well by students and small kids who want to learn.

Simply Piano By Joy Tunes

Simply Piano
Simply Piano

Simply Piano by Joy Tunes is another application that is highly recommended to buy and get amusement with your friends and dear ones.

The features of this application are not free to use. It costs membership. This app is to be connected with any keyboard for a proper musical tune and the right rhythm.

According to a few customers, there is a disadvantage of the product, which is it should be connected with external speakers to make it work otherwise it stops working after a certain period of time.

Mqfit 37 Key Piano Keyboard Toy With DC Power Option, Recording And Mic

Mqfit 37
Mqfit 37

This machine helps us to play the piano whenever we want to play on our go or at home.


  • It has 37 keys, as mentioned in the name itself.
  • These keys help to have an interesting sound and music.

The direct DC power mode option helps to connect through the mobile phone and play. This shows the convenience of the device to a great extent. It can be used in a USB porter. It runs without any battery.

Rvold Piano Keyboard Toy For Kids With Mobile Charger Power Option And Recording Latest Edition-Black

Rvold Piano Keyboard
Rvold Piano Keyboard

This is a piano that is designed in such a way that it is very beneficial and helpful for children.


  • It has 37 keys.
  • It has eight rhythms.
  • It has eight tones.
  • It has four percussions.
  • It has a very interesting function which is known as the record and playback function where we can record and again playback to listen to our music. This is one of the best pianos which can be used for kids who learn and make interesting notes.

Zest 4 Toyz 49 Key Piano Keyboard Toy For Kids DC Power Option + Recording + Microphone

Zest 4 Toyz 49
Zest 4 Toyz 49

This is another piano available in different colours and is best for children using as an amusement device.


  • It is a piano which has about 61 keys.
  • This also has the record and playback option where we can dance to the piano music later on.
  • It has other functions like, song record option and then the play option, along with which we can control the volume of this piano device. Here the tempo can also be controlled according to our wish.
  • This is one of the best piano playing devices in the market helping to learn and make music interesting. It has different functions and sounds which are important in the process.

This is one of the best pianos in the market and helps children and adults play according to their wish. This can be used without the adaptors and can be used directly by plugging inside the AC adaptor. One safety method is that if the keys are locked or jammed, better, please pull the keys lightly with fingers only.

Casio SA-46 32 Mini Keys Musical Keyboard

Casio SA-46
Casio SA-46

This is a musical keyboard that can be used effectively and makes our experience better and more effective. It is available in black and olive green combinations.


  • There are 32 keys in the Casio piano machine.
  • It is designed for the children, and so the keys are mini in size.
  • It has about 100 high-quality tones, and it has about 50 rhythms making it interesting and beautiful.
  • It has display settings with a clear LCD screen. It helps to view with clarity.

This is one of the best piano machines for kids and for adults making the musical experience better and interesting.

Amisha Gift Gallery
Amisha Gift Gallery

This has about 37 keys which are very nicely designed.


  • It is available in multicolour.
  • There are 37 keys available for usages.
  • It has about 8 rhythms and a few tones.

This is designed in the most innovative way possible so that everyone can access through this and in the process helps to learn better and in a most exciting way.


Most of the applications which we have discussed are all available and are mostly free, but one or two have to be paid a certain amount. We have discussed five online applications and five offline applications for piano learning online and offline. If we search in any of the two methods we will know that there are various other ways, but we have only mentioned the best ones in our article.

The online applications are mainly for groups to involve. Still, they can be enjoyed alone too, and normal offline ones are for single users but cannot be used for many people together. So let us enjoy this productive instrument in various ways, making it interesting and the best afternoon or evening. It is recommended to always research before we buy the right one for ourselves or enjoy an app-based one.

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