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Multiplayer Piano: The Online Game Guide

Music plays an inevitable role in our lives. From dealing with a bad day to coping with stress, we take the aid of music at every walk of our lives.

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  1. Introduction
  2. Before Getting Started With Multiplayer Piano Online
  3. Beginning With The Multiplayer Piano Online
  4. Main Lobby Of Multiplayer Piano Online
  5. Features Available In Multiplayer Piano Online
  6. How To Play Keys In The Mini Keyboard Online
  7. Switching From White And Black Keys
  8. Naming Rooms In Mini Keyboard Online
  9. Creating A Lobby Room
  10. Creating Spin Room
  11. Conclusion


Music plays an inevitable role in our lives. From dealing with a bad day to coping with stress, we take the aid of music at every walk of our lives. Not only is it exciting or cheering to a soul, but music also provides great scopes for passion and career. Musicians enjoy a diversified career in their lives. A person having enormous knowledge in music can opt for different careers like a music composer, music director, playback singer, lyricists and many more. Music offers a great source of income not only that, but people can also pursue it as a passion and sing occasionally, hand in hand with some other profession.

Music also helps in relaxation and oozing out stress. It allows people to release various emotions through their songsand makes the listener experience each of them vividly, like any other emotions which one comes across in our daily lives. Among various benefits that music brings in, some are, it acts as a push to encourage us in exercising, win the match, abolishes loneliness, reduces anxiety and enables us to handle emotional ups and downs. Thus, music acts as an overall tool to provide well-being among people.

Like in every sector of life, technological advancements have exerted their impact in the musical domain as well. In different aspects of our lives, every other person we come across has something to offer. Thus, our music also gets improved if the opinion of an anonymous is considered. Now, this will require social exposure to music as well. This is exactly what Multiplayer Pianodoes. It is a virtualplatform that brings together various people from different parts of the world, interested in music. The keys of the virtual piano are pressed using the mouse or keyboard, and the tune acts as the only mode of communication between different players. This article talks about various important things that one must keep in mind before getting started with the “Multiplayer Piano”.

Before Getting Started With Multiplayer Piano Online

Multiplayer Pianois similar to an online multiplayer piano game in which various people unknown to each other can join and play a mini keyboard online to make a beautiful composition. The Virtual piano is played using a mouse and a keyboard, where the cursor has the name of the player on it. Not only this, a group of people or an individual can create a separate room and change the settings to private, such that it is no longer visible publicly. This brings along sincerity with which the work is done, and gives rise to wonderful compositions.

Beginning With The Multiplayer Piano Online

To be a part of this amazing musical world, one needs to log into its website and that’s it, you can start playing the virtual piano! Now, let us explore the various features that it offers.

Main Lobby Of Multiplayer Piano Online

Upon logging into the website, a player enters the online main lobby. You can observe the names of different players floating around a mini keyboard online. The names of the people present in the lobby are visible as tabs usually at the top of the screen. In the lobby, you might find people striking random notes or spamming the chat boxes, muting them is the best way with which they can be dealt. At first, you need to identify the people whom you want to mute, then on clicking the tabs at the tops of the screen displaying their names, a drop-down list appears, from there you can choose to mute their notes, or their chats or both. One thing that is worth keeping in mind, is that the muted notes and chats only appear for the player doing it and does not apply to the room in general unless the player is the owner of the room.

At the left corner, there appears a bar indicating the number of players present in the lobby and playing the piano.

Features Available In Multiplayer Piano Online

Once entering the main lobby, one would find certain tabs present at the bottom of the screen, this includes a drop-down list showing various rooms present, however, it will display “lobby”, initially. The other tabs namely, new room, MIDIIn/Out, Play alone, Sound Select, Record MP3, Synth and Client settings. We shall learn about each of these tabs in detail. On the bottom right corner, a slide bar will be present to adjust the volume.

Creating Your Room

Upon clicking the tab named New Room, a player can create their room and invite participants to make a collaboration with them. On clicking the tab, it opens a dialogue box which comes with a tab to give a name to the room and comes with a check box stating visible to everyone. Enabling this check box makes it visible to everyone. If you want to invite selected participants, uncheck the box. A message will be flashing at the top of the screen encouraging the owner to invite friends by sharing the link.

After creating the room, a new tab named Room settings appears at the bottom, on clicking it a dialogue box opens containing the following options:

Drop Crown

Enabling this, removes you as the owner of the room, and makes someone else the owner, who can adjust the room settings as desired.

Visible To Everyone

This is a similar option as that in the checkbox.

Enable Chat

Using this checkbox beside the option “Enable chat”, the owner can allow or deny the players presents in the room to chat among themselves.

Only Owner Can Play

This function only allows the player to play.

Inner And Outer Color

This option allows the owner to choose the desired background color for the screen.

Player Limit

This option puts a restriction on the numbers of players allowed to join the room. The number indicated in the space beside the option implies the maximum number of players that can join the room. Once that many players have joined, the rooms prevent from admitting any players further.

Another special power that the owner of the room has, is to kick ban a player. At the top of the tab displaying the player’s name, there is an option named “Kick ban”. This comes with a time limit spanning from zero to sixty minutes. This represents the duration for which the particular player is banned from joining the room.

Record Mp3

Clicking on this option starts recording the tune being played on the virtual piano. A block of messages stating "recording MP3" appears on the top of the screen. Once the recording is done, click on the button below which states stop recording.


On clicking on the option Synth, the dialogue box Synthesize opens. It can be accessed through the ON/OFF toggle buttons. This acts as an interface that enables the player to change the appearance and the quality of sound in the mini keyboard online. This is also handy for sound mixing.

Client Settings

Among other tabs present below, client settings are one of them. On clicking upon the tab, a drop-down list appears. The list consists of options like:

IDs Next To Name In Chat

On checking this option, the ID’s of players present in the room appear beside their names. However, the settings can be changed as per the preference of the players.

No Chat Colors

As the name of the option suggests, this option prevents any colors’ in the chat.

Force Dark Background

One of the trendy features existing nowadays is the Dark mode. As we all are aware, this feature makes the background dark such that it is soothing to the eyes.

Moreover, the changes made in the client settings are only for the player changing it and does not apply to the room in general. Thus the participants can modify the looks of the page according to their choice.

Sound Select

This feature is to make the piano sound in a certain way. Once the tab is clicked, a list of all possible sounds appears and the player can choose the desired option from the drop-down list.


The name explains it all. This option is used, when a player wants to play the piano solo.


This feature is used to dictate how the personal computer is connected to the website. This enables the Multiplayer piano to send and receive data to the computer and vice versa. Moreover, this also opens up opportunities to run auto bots. Auto bots are nothing but running codes in computers such that they play the virtual keyboard. However, this needs to be enabled through MIDI by toggling it to ON mode.

These features are the basic ones that enable players to blend with the interface and learn its accessibility. These are not very difficult but at the same time, are not a piece of cake. Once started, anybody can get a hang of it.

How To Play Keys In The Mini Keyboard Online

Changing Octaves

To make the composition soothing, a perfect mixture of higher and lower octaves must be implemented. Thus, to implement a perfect combination of higher and lower notes, one needs to make use of “Shift key”, “Ctrl key”, “Alt key” and the “Caps lock” keys. A player must use the “Shift key” to raise the octave by one and to lower it by one, the “Caps Lock'' or “Alt key” is used. However, these keys also act as browser shortcuts, hence might open up different options. Thus avoid using the “Ctrl key” and use the alternative.

Changing the octaves implies taking the notes from lower to higher notes, similar to the way done in any normal piano. This purpose of the virtual piano can also be served using the up-down arrows keys present in the keyboard.

Switching From White And Black Keys

Another very handy feature that the Multiplayer piano provides is that the keys present beside the “shift key”, starting from the letter “Z” till the “?” can be used to access the lower white keys on the mini keyboard online and the letters beside Caps Lock starting from the letter “A” to ‘can be used to play the black keys on the mini keyboard online.

Naming Rooms In Mini Keyboard Online

There are various ways in which the room names can be given; it lies in the hands of the user on how he or she wants to name rooms, however adding some keywords at the beginning or end of the name induces a separate meaning to the compiler, which thus makes the rooms act accordingly. The following are the different types of rooms created through different keywords:

Creating A Lobby Room

To create a Lobby room, one must type the syntax “test/” followed by any name as desired by the owner of the room. The word “test/” conveys the message to the compiler that the room created must be a lobby.

Alternatively, the owner may create a lobby just using the word “lobby” for room name, if required it can be followed by any numbers as per the choice.

Creating Spin Room

The significance of the spin room is that in this the virtual keywords keep on spinning. To implement this feature in the room, the room must be named as desired but the name must be followed by “spin\”. This syntax enables the keyboard to spin. However, this attribute can be dangerous for some users, therefore, must be implemented with caution.


Mini keyboard online website named the "Multiplayer Piano" is a very handy tool for people interested in music. Thus, using this page the players can create room’s settings with their desired criteria and invite people as per their choices. Moreover, people interested in playing the virtual piano publicly along with anonymous players can also do the same. The program also comes along with various features that enhance the quality of music produced and also gives scopes for recording it. The players playing the piano also have the benefit of communicating among themselves using chat boxes. Thus this tool has redefined the way of creating great musical composition and will come in handy to a variety of people giving them a platform over the internet to share their ideas of music and create magic out of it.

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