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The 25 Best Piano Songs Of All Time

The piano is one of the most popular instruments to learn, whether you come from a musical family or just like dancing to pop tunes. Let's begin with a selection of the greatest piano tunes to keep you entertained during piano lessons. Here is the 25 best piano songs list.

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  1. Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
  2. Au Clair De La Lune
  3. Happy Birthday
  4. Let It Be – The Beatles
  5. Hallelujah – Leonard Cohen
  6. Still D.R.E – Dr. Dre
  7. Hello – Adele
  8. Für Elise – Beethoven
  9. Don’t Stop Believing – Journey
  10. Clocks – Coldplay
  11. Jingle Bells
  12. Havana – Camilla Cabello
  13. Canon In D – Pachelbel
  14. Prelude In C Major – Bach
  15. Moonlight Sonata – Beethoven
  16. Flight Of The Bumblebee – Nikolai Rimsky Korsakov
  17. Piano Man – Billy Joel
  18. When I Was Your Man – Bruno Mars
  19. All Of Me – John Legend
  20. Someone Like You – Adele
  21. The Heart Asks Pleasure First – Michael Nyman
  22. Fallin’ – Alicia Keys
  23. River Flows In You – Yiruma
  24. Solfeggietto – Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach
  25. Etude In E – Tristesse – Frédéric Chopin

The piano is one of the most popular instruments to learn, whether you come from a musical family or just like dancing to pop tunes. It teaches you how to multitask, focus, and remember things. It may also be beneficial for your physical and emotional well-being. It serves as a reminder to be deliberate and present, two self-care skills for maximizing modern life. Lots of music production softwares using cryptocurrencies as a way of payment of their services, so for example if you use litecoin, so if you need to buy a piano, first of all you need to buy xrpto know how much money you need for your purchase in crypto.

However, learning the piano may be stressful. It may be aggravating for both you and the rest of the family. While you're struggling to master your scales and fingers, they're going crazy hearing the same chords over and over again. (Pro tip: invest in a pair of headphones or a piano silencer...)

Getting the proper training system, on the other hand, is beneficial. You're more likely to continue with piano lessons if you like them. That is why many instructors encourage you to learn how to play the music you like. Of course, if your favorite music genre is difficult, this may be even another incentive to quit. Let's begin with a selection of the greatest piano tunes to keep you entertained during piano lessons. Here is the 25 best piano songslist.


Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

Even for adult learners, nursery rhymes and children's songsare an excellent place to start. This is because the songs are easy and familiar, which means you'll pick them up fast and be motivated to keep playing. The melody of this song is similar to that of The Alphabet Song. This tutorial's rendition is performed in C major with all white keys. It's a one-handed demonstration.

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star | Nursery Rhymes for Kids | Super Simple Songs

Au Clair De La Lune

A homage to the moon is the subject of this French children's song. Don't confuse it with Claude Debussy's Clair de Lune, which is much more difficult; save that for later in your piano adventure. For now, try this basic F Major composition. Except for B, it utilizes all white keys. It's an excellent introduction to two-handed play, with the tutorial teaching each hand separately before merging them.

Au clair de la lune

Happy Birthday

This is a great item to have on hand when you need a fast boost of confidence. The only black key you'll use in this lesson is B, since it's played one-handed in F Major. Begin by practicing your right hand, then add some bass chords to your left hand when you're ready to add some flare.

Happy Birthday song

Let It Be – The Beatles

You've most likely heard this piece before. It has a basic melody, but the harmony gives depth and richness to it. The words are simple, and this rendition utilizes just white keys, making it easy to sing along. But be patient-it seems difficult. If the video lessons are too difficult, you might try learning it via an app like Skoove. You may also play the song on a smart piano, such as The One Smart Piano.

The Beatles: Let It Be

Hallelujah – Leonard Cohen

Hallelujah is a peaceful, heartfelt tune that is one of the most often covered songs. It seems to be straightforward, and you may play it with mainly white keys. Only one black key (F #) is used in this tutorial's version. The left hand alternates between a small number of easy-to-remember chords.

Leonard Cohen - Hallelujah (Audio)

Still D.R.E – Dr. Dre

The piano riff from Still Dre may wow your pals, depending on your age and musical preferences. The song has a strong hip-hop vibe to it, and the sharp discord in the harmony gives it a unique edge. Playing the music is simpler than it seems, and rhyming along earns you bonus points.

Dr. Dre - Still D.R.E. ft. Snoop Dogg

Hello – Adele

Hello was one of the most popular songs in the world when it was released in 2015. It's very simple to learn since it just utilizes four chords in harmony. The melody on the right-hand side is also very simple. However, there are a lot of dark notes in this rendition, so be aware.

Adele - Hello (Official Music Video)

Für Elise – Beethoven

Pop songs will likely amaze your classmates, but you'll also need a few "classical" tunes in your repertoire. Bagatelle No. 25 in A minor is the official title of this work. The notes are basic, yet it sounds much more sophisticated since it's in a minor key and full of ornaments and trills.

Beethoven - Für Elise

Don’t Stop Believing – Journey

This song is considered a classic by many. (A popular, enduring song, as opposed to an instrumental or symphonic work by Mozart and Beethoven's classical errors.) It's not a simple piece, but you've probably heard it so many times that it's become second nature to you. Take the time to learn it, whether you heard the cover version on Glee or performed it at a karaoke bar.

Journey - Don't Stop Believin' (Official Audio)

Clocks – Coldplay

Even if you're not a fan of emo music, the piano theme in Clocks is likely to be familiar. It's simple yet elegant, and it just has three chords. Because the composition is in E, there are a lot of black keys. Because you have to play it quickly, it also provides you with experience with speed, timing, and dexterity.

Coldplay - Clocks (Official Video)

Jingle Bells

This is one of the most well-known Christmas songs in the world. Fortunately, memorizing the piano sequence is simpler than memorizing the words. This version only teaches the right-hand portion, and all of the keys are white. And before your roommates protest, you'll most likely have mastered the song.

Frank Sinatra - Jingle Bells

Havana – Camilla Cabello

If you think all piano practice tunes are old, try this one from 2017. It's a well-known song with a catchy dance rhythm. It will assist you in improving your dexterity and rhythm in terms of abilities. It's a two-handed tune with a lot of finger movement on both the white and black keys.

Camila Cabello - Havana ft. Young Thug

Canon In D – Pachelbel

Almost all "orchestral" music is regarded as "classical." Music students, on the other hand, will tell you that there are at least seven musical eras. The Canon in D is a well-known Baroque composition. It's often used as a wedding march and provides excellent arpeggio and chord practice. Because the split chords stretch your fingers, it's an excellent exercise for time, sequencing, and dexterity.

Pachelbel Canon in D Major - the original and best version.

Prelude In C Major – Bach

Bach composed 48 preludes throughout the Baroque period. This composition is performed with both hands, yet each note is played independently. You'll never play more than one note at a time, and there are no simultaneous chords. This provides great sequence, rhythm, and tempo exercises, as well as finger stretching. It also helps you build muscle memory since it involves a lot of repetition.

J.S. Bach - Prelude in C Major

Moonlight Sonata – Beethoven

This piece was most likely heard in a film. It's a sad, sluggish, and melancholy tune. Because it's so popular, it's considered a "trademark" piece of "proper piano," so it's an excellent addition to your repertoire. Because it's soulful, it'll teach you how to play expressively. It sounds easy and seems difficult, but the fast tempo makes it an excellent two-handed piece to start with.

Beethoven - Moonlight Sonata (FULL)

Flight Of The Bumblebee – Nikolai Rimsky Korsakov

Some song lists range from easy to tough, but we've got varied genres and degrees of difficulty. We want you to sample a variety of foods. This composition is challenging, but it's also enjoyable. Because you've almost certainly heard it, mastering it will be a huge ego boost. However, be patient! It's a quickie, but it'll make you a celebrity among your peers, and it's a lot of fun to play!

Rimsky Korsakov - Flight of the Bumblebee

Piano Man – Billy Joel

Many piano tunes include left-hand chords and right-hand melodies. That order is reversed in this song. Your left hand is mainly used for playing single notes, while your right hand is used for playing chords. This aids in the development of your left hand's strength and dexterity. You may also sing along. The colorful ad-lib at the start is entertaining, and a digital pianomay be used to combine "voices."

Billy Joel - Piano Man (Official HD Video)

When I Was Your Man – Bruno Mars

The greatest piano tunes are those that you can sing along to. They're excellent ice breakers since you can pull them out at any time and start spontaneous jam sessions with friends or strangers. Start with this simple version, which places the ‘voice' portion on the right hand. Later on, you may learn a more advanced version that incorporates both melodic riffs and chords.

Bruno Mars - When I Was Your Man (Official Music Video)

All Of Me – John Legend

John Legend and Chrissy Teigen are one of Hollywood's most popular couples. And this song was well-received for its unique piano beginning as well as the love moments in the video. Singing along may help you learn speed and timing, since both hands are mainly playing chords. The bridge, particularly the pre-chorus, contains some difficult melodic parts to educate you in expressive play.

John Legend - All of Me (Official Video)

Someone Like You – Adele

This is one of the most unique piano intros you'll ever hear. It's perfect as a break-up song when accompanied by tears and ice cream. As a piano piece, you'll use your left hand to play chords and your right hand to play arpeggios, which is excellent for fingering and muscle memory.

Adele - Someone Like You (Official Music Video)

The Heart Asks Pleasure First – Michael Nyman

Let's have a look at a hybrid before we return to more "traditional" compositions. This song is from the film The Piano's soundtrack. It has a basic, soulful feel to it, and it's one of those songs that, when performed properly, instantly transforms you into a pro. Allow yourself some time, since this will take some time.

The Heart Asks Pleasure First Michael Nyman Valentina Lisitsa

Fallin’ – Alicia Keys

This song was Alicia's breakthrough smash in 2001. It's also one of the first songs that people think of when they think of pop piano, so you should learn it. It's also excellent for karaoke or jam sessions, and it teaches you to play with emotion instead of simply tuning.

Alicia Keys - Fallin' (Official HD Video)

River Flows In You – Yiruma

A particular aesthetic comes to mind when you think of the greatest piano tunes. This song is a perfect example of such a stereotype. It's gentle, lovely, romantic, and a little depressing. It's also included in the Twilight film's soundtrack. Because it is inherently emotional, this tune is excellent practice for bringing out the mood in music.

Yiruma, (이루마) - River Flows in You

Solfeggietto – Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach

Solfeggio in C minor is another name for this composition. It's a difficult piece that should only be attempted by players who have completed Grade 6 or above. It has a bumblebee-like speed and vibe to it. Even though it seems to be complicated, there is a lot of repetition. It's a great method to relieve stress. Consider it the piano equivalent of turning up the volume on your electric bass guitar.

Solfeggietto - C.P.E. Bach - piano - Frederic Bernachon

Etude In E – Tristesse – Frédéric Chopin

When a work is touted as the composer's favorite, you never know whether it will be very simple or extremely difficult. This is a melancholy song, and most people just learn the first minute or two, which is composed of very basic sounds. It may be used to cultivate expressiveness, which is a fundamental characteristic of romantic music and art. You can search for more of Chopin's work since most of his works were written for solo piano.

Chopin - Etude Op. 10 No. 3 (Tristesse)

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