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Piano Keys Chart for Beginner Piano Students


Chords describe the song harmony, and much more than a single note is played simultaneously. They could be straightforward or complicated, and that even beginners can build exciting and fun music. Indeed, very rare songs, in particular in rock songs, don't even use chords in any way.

Common Piano Keys Chart

As far as playing the keyboard is concerned, pianistshave several thousand chords from which to pick, some of which are more common than others. See some of its most frequently found keys in a pianokey chart below, and read about piano keys.

Included among the most popular keys are:

  • A major
  • A minor
  • C major
  • C minor
  • D major
  • D minor
  • E major
  • E minor
  • F major
  • F minor
  • G major
  • G minor

What Do You Mean By Piano Keys

When you play more than a single note simultaneously, and there are 2, 3, or even more specific notes, a chord is formed. This implies that you press upwards of one key down simultaneously, mostly on the piano.

There's an original note for all piano chords — that's the note named after — and one or two additional piano notes. Basic chords are usually made up of only 2 or 3 notes, although the more high-level chords prefer to have even more piano notes.

A triad or three-note chord is by far the most frequent keyboard-type chord of the piano. A triad includes an original note and 2 other piano notes, most of which are the notes which produce the third & fifth intervals just above the original note.

One way of getting a triad's basic form is to put your finger and thumb mostly on white keys, including forcing your thumb, center, and rosy thumb down. Learning this method will allow you to play different simple piano chords easily.

What Is Piano Interval?

When played together, the difference between notes is termed as an interval. Half- and full-step intervals are calculated.


The half steps are immediate to the right or left from one to the other key.


The complete move is the two-half step distance.

Common Intervals

The major three, the two whole distance stages or 4 half stages, is a typical interval used throughout the piano chords.

Standard Piano Key Notes

Piano notes accompany the white and black keys pattern as well as close together such a two black color keys group accompanied by three black color keys. This pattern is repeated throughout the keyboard, as well as the notes are identified by us.

A letter starting from A-G is attached to each white key; each black key is called flat or sharp.

What Are Flat And Sharp Piano Notes

Flat or Sharp notes are defined for the name for which letter (on the keyboard's right side) or underneath.

Sharp Notes

Black color key to just the right of the "C" key is known as "C#," which is marked as "c sharp."

Flat Notes

The "Bb," pronounced "b flat," is the black key instantly left of the "B."

Piano Key Note Chart

The notebook presents all of the several notes on your piano. This notebook is important to understand how well space in between the piano notes one plays decides the kind of chord made.

Major Piano Notes

The main chord is by far the most well-known triad or 3-note chord. Its versatility and popularity make it the perfect chord of piano for learners.

How To Play Major Piano Chords

In order to play the big chord, choose a root note from the original note, which could be any one of the keypad notes. This is a "Third" since the key begins with the original note as the third note. From this third step, count 1 1⁄2 or 3 1⁄2 steps. The "fifth" is this note.

You hear a large triad of happy sounds when you perform these 3 piano notes together. For almost every pop and rock song, major keyboard chords have been used.

The most popular piano chords are:

  • C major
  • C# major
  • D major
  • Eb major
  • E major
  • F major
  • F# major
  • G major
  • Ab major
  • A major
  • Bb major
  • B major

Major Scale Intervals 

The major scale intervals are known as "major third," the original note distance to a third, as well as the fifth," the root distance to fifth. We have counted the stages between the root plus the third & fifth. To obtain just the right fifth interval above the original note, take a 31⁄2 step or a total of 7 half steps.

Minor Piano Keys

Lesser chords include three simple keyboard notes, root nodes, third & fifth, as well as major chords. Select any root note to play a minor chord, then count up to the third half-stage. Count two full steps to obtain the fifth from its third (or four half steps).

Even in pop and rock music, smaller chords are very popular. 'Comfortably Numb' is indeed an illustration of a small chord rock album. Most rock, as well as pop songs, have used a blend of big and small piano chords.

In such a minor chord, the third interval is known as the "minor third." In a little chord, the fifth interval is almost identical as the main chord: the "perfect fifth" interval.

Common minor chords for piano are:

  • C minor
  • C# minor
  • D minor
  • Eb minor
  • E minor
  • F minor
  • F# minor
  • G minor
  • Ab minor
  • A minor
  • Bb minor
  • B minor

Diminished Piano Keys

The reduced triad requires the minor third, as well as the lowered fifth, is the "fifth decreased." A decreased fifth is 3 complete steps just above the original note or 6 half steps higher than it. Unless the piano notes of the decreased chord are to be determined, count step by step between the root as well as the third & afterward steps by half from a third and fifth.

Diminished Chords In Rock Music

Less familiar than large and minor chords are decreased keyboard chords, but still are prominent in pop and rock. You have such a tense and spooky tone. The usual transition between 2 other, stable strings is by far the most common use of a decreased chord. Mostly in Beach Boys' music, God Only Knows, you could hear a diminished chord.

The following are commonly decreased piano chords:

  • C diminished
  • C# diminished
  • D diminished
  • D# diminished
  • E diminished
  • F diminished
  • F# diminished
  • G diminished
  • G# diminished
  • A diminished
  • A# diminished
  • B diminished

Augmented Piano Keys

A big third, as well as the raised or "fifth raised," are used by increased chords. The augmented interval of a fifth is 8 half steps or 4 whole steps. Augmented chords make most people's ears a really distinctive, peculiar tone.

Like declined chords, the most frequent use of enhanced chords is to transition within more stable rock and pop sounds. One example is Roy Orbison's song "Crying," which is used as an amplifier throughout the pre-chorus.

Common piano chords are enhanced by:

  • C augmented
  • C# augmented
  • D augmented
  • D# augmented
  • E augmented
  • F augmented
  • F# augmented
  • G augmented
  • G# augmented
  • A augmented
  • A# augmented
  • B augmented

Number Of Keys In Beginner Piano

Sixty-six keys will be enough for the beginner to learn how to play. One can play all types of music on the 72 key piano. However, a total of 88 keys will be recommended for those looking to play classical piano, especially if you're going to play the traditional piano. There are less than 66 keys on many keyboards.

Things To Consider While Buying A Piano For Beginner

While buying a piano, a beginner should consider some common points so that he or she can get the best piano from their level. The factors they should keep in mind are:

  • Response time of piano keys
  • Compatibility with MIDIDevice
  • Connectivity with Computer
  • Sampler and Recording Capabilities
  • Storage of the Piano
  • Audio input and output
  • The sound quality of the piano
  • Size of the Piano

Types Of Pianos 

Beginner students' keyboards are different from those for students trying to plan to rock out or write electronic music. While a small-sized keyboard is the perfect piano for beginners, kids as young as age ten might be more motivated to play popular music with their pianos. Some of the common piano types are:

  • Workstation keyboard
  • Arranger keyboards
  • Digital Piano
  • Console Pianos
  • Baby Grand
  • Studio Pianos
  • Upright Pianos
  • Spinet Pianos

Easiest Piano Key To Play

The easiest key to play in piano if you are a beginner is C Minor. This key does not have black notes; therefore, you can easily play them.

What Is Possible Music Keys

Any specific song may be played using 12 possible keys. The 12 piano notes on the keyboard are A, B, A#/Bb, C, D, C#/Db, E, D#/Eb, F, G, F#/Gb, and G#/Ab. One of those 12 notes can be performed to become the Home Basis or Tonal Center.

How Many Keys In Piano Make One Octave

A total of seven piano keys makes one octave. There are seven octaves in an 88-key keyboard, including three lower musical notes (B flat, B, and A) below C bottom. It has fifty-two white keys as well as thirty-six black keys with 7 white keys as well as 5 black keys on each octave.

Hardest Piano Key To Play

The hardest key on the piano that is difficult to play and master is C Major. It takes lots of time to practice and learn this key properly.

The Easiest Key On Piano To Sing On

Mid C, as well as D keys, are the simplest keys for all women and men to sing on. In the definition of which keys to sing, gender plays an important role. Most women fall in the categories of mezzo-soprano (A3 to F5), whereas most men fall in the category of baritone (G2 to E4).

Key Considerations

The piano key numbers are the most important factor for what to play on the piano. Most pianos have 72, 66, and 88 keys in their player. 66 keys pianos are enough for the beginner to learn how to play, and one can easily play most of the music on the 72-key piano. However, a total of 88 keys will be advised for those looking to play classical piano.

Many pianos come with less than 66 keys. This is usually used to produce digital organ music by a keyboard or synthesizer. The analog synthesizer, for example, limits itself to keys required for playing songs in a specific genre. Professional pianos often can move keys down or up to a certain range.

Start Learning To Play Piano

Learning to play the various kinds of chords, mostly on the piano, is indeed a lot more fun and creates opportunities for all kinds of music. You'll find ample combinations of piano or keyboard chords that produce various sounds and moods as you learn more songs and sometimes even compose your own.

At various music institutes, students can study theory, use their instruments, pray with a band and then go on stage and perform a rock concert. Piano lessons provide an ideal way of playing and understanding music, while piano and keyboard students often learn the much more simple piano chords and pieces of songs without any concrete objective.

A concert with your friends at Music School is indeed an efficient way to inspire you to work hard, learn songs from start to finish and accomplish your potential in a personal way every season.

Final Words

So this was all about the beginner key notes chart that you need to know about. So if you are a beginner and want to learn pianoperfectly, then get yourself the best piano as per your needs and start learning the piano to master the skills.

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